Unveil the Power of THE TWENTY CBD Oil Full Spectrum

Step into the world of wellness with THE TWENTY, our uniquely potent CBD oil showcasing a rich 20% CBD concentration, sourced from the idyllic Swiss mountains. Crafted by 1807 Blends, this premium full-spectrum oil embodies a commitment to superior quality and Swiss authenticity.

Discover the Purity of Swiss Craftsmanship

Our 10ml bottle packs an impressive 2000mg of CBD distillate, crafted using the advanced Supercritical CO2 extraction method. Sourced from the lush CBD flowers growing in our private farms nestled at the base of the Swiss Alps, THE TWENTY epitomizes purity and potency.

Savor the Blend of Premium Ingredients

THE TWENTY not only stands tall as 1807 Blends’ mid-strength CBD oil but also takes pride in its all-natural, high-quality ingredients. At its core is a potent 2000mg of Swiss CBD distillate, beautifully suspended in Swiss rapeseed oil, our chosen carrier oil. To top it off, we’ve infused this blend with the aromatic essence of Rosemary oil.

Preserve the Goodness with Proper Storage

Cherish and maintain the quality of THE TWENTY CBD oil by storing it in a cool, dark spot, safe from the intrusive effects of direct sunlight. Remember, keeping the lid securely fastened after each use will preserve its freshness and effectiveness for your next wellness journey.

Experience the compelling power of Swiss-crafted CBD with THE TWENTY. Your journey towards a healthier lifestyle has never looked so promising.


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