• Broad spectrum CBD — up to 33mg per serving
  • CBN — 5mg per serving
  • Melatonin — 5mg per serving
  • Sleep Terpene Blend
  • Vegan & gluten-free
  • ND-THC***

The Product At CBD Provisions

we present our exclusive CBD Oil Sleep Tincture that combines the powerful benefits of broad-spectrum CBD, the calming effects of CBN (the “tranquility cannabinoid”), specially formulated sleep terpenes, and melatonin for the ultimate restful slumber. Our formula is vegan and gluten-free to cater to all dietary preferences.

This sleep-enhancing CBD tincture comes in three sizes to suit your needs:

a 30mL bottle with regular strength (1000mg CBD & 150mg CBN), a larger 60mL bottle with extra strength (2000mg CBD & 300mg CBN), and the largest 120mL bottle with maximum strength (4000mg CBD & 600mg CBN).

Our Commitment at CBD Provisions Our goal is to provide the highest quality, purest, and most potent CBD products available to both novice and seasoned users. From the cultivation process to the final product, our offerings are always organic, innovative, and designed to deliver an unparalleled CBD experience.

Founders Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers established CBD Provisions in 2014 with the conviction that everyone deserves access to the extraordinary health benefits of CBD. Since then, our company has expanded from its humble beginnings in the San Fernando Valley to become the second largest privately-owned CBD organization in the world, boasting a team of over 100 employees. By committing to supply the market with top-tier full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products, CBD Provisions continues to flourish as a result of our dedication to utilizing only the finest ingredients for our merchandise.


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