USA Hemp’s Complete 1,500mg CBD oil consists of half Full-Spectrum CBD oil and half Delta 8 THC oil. This combination is carefully designed to help our users with managing discomfort and boost their focus without causing psychoactive effects.



Facing issues with your appetite?

Our CBD and THC blend, derived from USA Hemp, is cannabis oil containing slight traces of THC. This fusion ushers in a beneficial shift in your lifestyle, boosting your food intake. The undiluted blend of CBD and THC can be ingested directly, or even better, stirred into smoothies or shakes for a superior flavor. This oil is enriched with THC and CBD to ward off inflammation, which can arise due to various causes like infection, injury, or disease. Our THC & CBD-infused oil enhances your focus without initiating any unwanted psychoactive responses.


  • Contains 1500mg per Bottle
  • Infused with CBD and THC Mix
  • Recommended for Oral Use
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Our THC and CBD blend is a 50-50 concoction of full-spectrum CBD oil and Delta 8 THC oil in its purest, most natural form.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For optimal absorption, use this product sublingually (under the tongue). Employ the metered dropper to measure the necessary quantity of the tincture and use as required. Although not mandatory, refrigeration can help extend the oil’s longevity. Avoid storing above room temperature or in damp surroundings. Be careful not to let the dropper come in contact with skin, mouth, or any surface during or in between usage to prevent contamination.

WARNING: Delta 8 THC may influence blood pressure, heart rhythm, or eye pressure in certain individuals. If you suffer from any known or undisclosed heart, blood pressure, eye pressure, or similar health conditions, refrain from using this product without consulting with a doctor.


How are CBD and THC different?

Our brains house two types of cannabinoid receptors. THC interacts with the receptors that manage emotions, discomfort, and mood. Essentially, THC induces feelings of joy and euphoria and carries significant psychoactive effects. It is predominantly derived from Marijuana. Conversely, CBD lacks intense psychoactive effects but is believed to interact with other body components that induce tranquility and relaxation. CBD is typically extracted from hemp. Our THC and CBD Blend assists in tackling issues related to lack of appetite, sleep disturbances, and inflammation without eliciting undesirable psychoactive impacts. A perfect balance!

Is this product health-safe?

Your health and safety are our topmost priorities. Hence, we ensure that every product from USA Hemp is secure for usage.

Can this product enhance sleep quality?

Products from USA Hemp are crafted from authentic, purely natural hemp plants known to enrich sleep patterns and minimize sensory perception, thereby fostering a soothing environment. Visit our website, cbd-provisions.com, for more details.


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