Fresh and Cool
Strong / 10% CBD / 10 – 30ml / Mint flavoured
Broad Spectrum CBD oil (0.00 THC or less than 1mg of cbd/ml)
1000mg – 3000mg CBD
Mint Flavoured CBD Oil 10% – COOL & FRESH

CBD Oils Match
Bio Diversity: Healthy dose of fatty acids + peppermint flavouring + cannabinoids + 0% THC
CBD Spectrum: Borad Spectrum
Extraction Method: CO2
Daily Usage: 2-4 drops (0.9ml-1.8ml)


The refreshing and versatile world of CBD oil with our Cool Fresh peppermint CBD oil products.

At CBD Provisions, we have refined our original CBD Silver formula to provide a purer concentration of oil that is perfect for daily use.

Our unique formula uses medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) as the carrier oil, which contains a healthy blend of fatty acids to keep the oil balanced and stable. We then add peppermint flavor to give the oil a refreshing and cool taste that is sure to delight your taste buds.

This broad-spectrum CBD oil has gone through a distillation process that removes all THC (0.00%) while preserving all the other beneficial compounds found in hemp plants. For those who prefer a THC-free oil, our Cool Fresh peppermint CBD oil is the perfect choice.

Choose from our two bottle sizes, 10ml and 30ml, which contain 1000mg and 3000mg of CBD respectively. Each bottle comes with a convenient pipette, making it easy to measure out the perfect amount of oil for your daily routine. Visit cbd-provisions.com today to try our Cool Fresh peppermint CBD oil products.


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