ur Relax Hemp CBD Flower blend inspires lucid dreaming, encouraging a deeper sense of oneness, calm, and restfulness. Crafted with the finest hemp.

*Strains vary. Please note that potency shown in picture may not represent strain you will receive.


Introducing our Premier Relax Hemp CBD Flower Blend

Ever wondered what an indulgent CBD smoking blend would feel like?

Presenting our opulent Relax Hemp CBD Flower Smoking Blend – a handcrafted symphony of premium hemp flowers seamlessly infused with potent herbs and botanicals. Unleashing the potent power of hemp, this luxurious blend invites you to delve deeper into the fascinating world of lucid dreaming. Skillfully crafted with eminent herbs like Mugwort, Calea, and Wild Dagga, this enchanting mixture features the choicest hemp from Oregon’s verdant fields.

What makes our Relax CBD blend a Masterpiece?

Weaving an enticing tapestry of three illustrious herbs known for their efficacy in inducing restful sleep and promoting dreaming, the Relax CBD blend sets a new benchmark in tranquility.

Our journey commences with the versatile Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris), celebrated for its myriad uses from food flavoring to dream induction. Commonly found flourishing by riverbanks, this enchanting herb offers numerous possibilities for use. You can steep it in a warm, comforting tea, burn it as a fragrant incense, or even incorporate it into dream pillows.

Next, we introduce the mysterious “Dream Herb”, Calea. A lush butter grass native to Mexico, it has been treasured by indigenous groups for its dream-enhancing properties. Experience Calea in its full glory by smoking it in a pipe or brewing a delectable tea.

Completing our opulent blend is the resplendent Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus), fondly referred to as the lion’s tail. This majestic plant from the mint family, native to South Africa, is revered for its soothing qualities. Wild Dagga’s euphoria-inducing effects beautifully complement and amplify the benefits of the other herbs in our blend.

When to indulge in Relax?

Our Relax blend, a symphony of dreams and tranquility, not only encourages a profound sense of unity but also aids in accessing lucid dreaming through hemp. This expertly crafted blend is best savored before moments of rest or meditation.

Caution: Our hemp contains minimal traces of THC. We advise against using full-spectrum products, including hemp flowers, if you are subject to THC testing for any reason.

At The Brothers Apothecary, we proudly use hemp with less than 0.3% THC, fully licensed with the Department of Agriculture. *Disclaimer • Testing


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