The Elite Hemp Collection: Professor Herb’s Premium Hemp Blend Bundle

Are you an ardent enthusiast of our Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blends? We’ve got excellent news for you! Now you can bulk purchase your favourite blends and enjoy significant savings with our value-packed bundle deals. The cherry on top? The flavours in every bundle are a delightful surprise, handpicked just for you!

Welcome to the world of Professor Herb, the trailblazing cannabis-inspired CBD & hemp brand that’s taking the UK by storm. With a rapidly expanding footprint in over 500+ retail outlets, we’re swiftly carving a niche as a household favourite. Our pioneering range of hemp-based products is redefining the alternative smoking landscape.

The Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend isn’t just popular; it’s a revolution in the world of tobacco substitutes. Enjoy a more natural and wholesome smoking experience without any nicotine or tobacco, complete with a soothing relaxation, soft texture, and captivating herbal aroma.

Our 100% pure hemp blend is the perfect partner for your smoking rituals. It also complements other smoking blends or herbs beautifully. With our blend pre-ground, you’re always ready to roll right out of the pouch, no grinding necessary.

Key Features of the Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend Bundle:

  • Proudly Manufactured in the UK & EU
  • Contains Premium Italian Grown Industrial Hemp Biomass (20g per pouch)
  • Infused with 1000mg of Organic Natural CBD per pouch
  • Packaged in Smell-Proof, Resealable Foil Zip-Lock Pouch
  • Includes Professor Herb’s Exclusive King Size Rolling Papers
  • Rigorously Analyzed & Tested by Adact Medical
  • Endorsed Submission to PHE (Public Health England)
  • Includes a QR Code for Instant Access to COA (Certificate of Analysis)

Every pouch in the bundle is vacuum-sealed to lock in the freshness, and the resealable zipper ensures your product stays fresher for longer. Plus, the integrated QR code allows you to view the product’s analysis and Cannabinoid report in a snap!

Ingredients: Premium Hemp Biomass, Terpenes & Exotic Flavourings.

Embrace a greener, cleaner, and healthier smoking alternative with the Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend Bundle. Let the natural journey begin!


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