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Introducing Professor Herb’s CBD Hemp Blend

Now amplified with an all-new 20 Grams of Hemp and a complimentary pack of premium rolling papers. This refreshing and vibrant blend is your ticket to a healthier, tobacco-free smoking alternative. No more nicotine, no more tobacco – only the serene tranquility, soft texture, and captivating herbal aroma that nature intended.

Our exclusive 100% pure hemp blend delivers a standout smoking experience that’s second to none. It integrates seamlessly with your other favorite smoking blends and herbs, lending its exceptional character to every puff. What’s more, our blend comes pre-ground and ready to roll straight from the pouch – no grinding, no hassle, just pure enjoyment.

Professor Herb is no mere cannabis-inspired CBD & hemp brand; we’re the fastest-growing in the UK. A champion in alternative smoking solutions, we’re now a beloved household name featured in over 500+ retail outlets, with our dynamic range of hemp-infused creations setting the pace.

Established during the early days of the CBD industry, Professor Herb swiftly rose to prominence as a trustworthy brand. Our niche is carved, our dominance undisputed – a testament to our sustained success and expanding market share.

We bring you the Strawberry Cough flavor, a delightful twist on the traditional.

Product Highlights:

  • Crafted with precision in the UK & EU
  • 20g of top-tier Italian grown industrial hemp biomass in each pouch
  • A generous 1000mg of organic natural CBD in every pouch
  • Smell-proof, resealable foil zip-lock pouch for maximum freshness
  • Complementary Professor Herb king size rolling papers for your convenience
  • Undergone rigorous testing & analysis by Adact Medical
  • Fully submitted to Public Health England (PHE) standards
  • Quick Response (QR) code feature for Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • A relaxing smoking experience with 0% THC

Elevate your smoking rituals with Professor Herb’s CBD Hemp Blend. It’s not just about smoking; it’s about the experience.


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