The Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend (20g) – Lemon Haze Experience

Get ready to discover the fastest-growing cannabis-inspired CBD and hemp brand in the UK – Professor Herb. With a robust presence in over 500+ retail stores, we are fast becoming a household name, leading the way in the alternative smoking sphere with our dynamic range of hemp-infused delights.

Born during the dawn of the CBD industry, Professor Herb has blossomed into a trusted and esteemed brand, carving an impressive niche for itself. Our rapid ascent and market dominance are the living proof of our unparalleled success and customer trust.

Unleash a world of refreshing relaxation with our Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend, a sought-after tobacco substitute that heralds a natural smoking alternative devoid of nicotine or tobacco. This blend is not just about smoking, it also offers a gentle relaxation, a soft texture, and a tantalizing herbal aroma that will soothe your senses.

This 100% pure hemp blend is the ideal choice for smoking enthusiasts, delivering an incredible experience whether used alone or mixed with other smoking blends or herbs. The blend comes pre-ground, ready to roll right out of the pouch, no grinding required.

Flavour Profile: Lemon Haze – A sweet, citrusy lemon mingled with terpenes for an elevated sensory experience.

Product Highlights:

  • Crafted with care in the UK & EU
  • Premium Italian grown industrial hemp biomass (20g per pouch)
  • Contains 1000mg of organic natural CBD per pouch
  • Packaged in a smell-proof resealable foil zip-lock pouch
  • Complimentary Professor Herb king size rolling papers included
  • Thoroughly analysed & tested by Adact Medical
  • Endorsed by Public Health England (PHE)
  • Integrated QR code for instant access to Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Each pouch is hermetically sealed for ultimate freshness and comes with a resealable zipper to maintain peak product quality for longer. With our integrated QR code, you can instantly access the product’s analysis and Cannabinoid report.

Ingredients: A unique blend of hemp biomass, terpenes & flavourings for a superior smoking experience.


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