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MARK3 Full Spectrum CBD Capsules 1500mg 30/bottle (50mg per Capsule)

  • 50mg per capsule
  • Made from Organically Grown, non-GMO hemp in Colorado
  • Full Spectrum formula which includes the following Cannabinoids: CBDA, CBD, CBG
  • Vegan, Dairy free, Sugar free, Gluten free, Alcohol free, Pesticide free

Discover the potent power of nature with MARK3 Full Spectrum CBD Capsules.

This premium wellness product, packing 1500mg of CBD in a 30-count bottle, offers an impressive 50mg of CBD per capsule for your health routine.

Our signature formulation starts from the seed and ends with a potent, finished product. We begin by sourcing our hemp organically from the nutrient-rich soils of Colorado. This assures the highest quality, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp that’s cultivated under the optimal climate conditions.

Each of our full spectrum CBD capsules then harnesses the synergy of an array of beneficial hemp cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. This combined power creates an “entourage effect”, enhancing the potential health benefits of our CBD.

Infused with rich coconut oil, MARK3 CBD Capsules deliver a powerful punch of wellness in a simple, easy-to-swallow format. Coconut oil is a natural carrier that ensures optimal absorption of CBD, letting you get the most from each capsule.

Finally, purified water is used to create the perfect consistency for your daily dosage, making our CBD capsules easy to take anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy the harmony of nature and science with MARK3 Full Spectrum CBD Capsules. It’s not just a supplement – it’s your key to embracing a healthier lifestyle.


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