Size / Volume: 30 Capsules
CBD Quantity: 50 MG
Gluten Free: Yes

Embrace the power of nature with Carmen’s Wellness’ 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules!

Are you seeking an easy, potent, and natural way to boost your wellness regimen? Let our Forbes-rated, five-star Full Spectrum CBD Capsules be your ideal health companion. Our specially crafted capsules infuse your day with a healthy dose of CBD, serving as your passport to holistic health!

Every single one of our capsules packs in 25mg of pure, full-spectrum CBD, extracted from organically grown hemp. Wondering about ‘full-spectrum’? It’s a mix of diverse cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial plant compounds that synergize to amplify CBD’s therapeutic benefits via the “entourage effect.”

Hemp taste not to your liking? No problem! Our capsules are flavorless, easily swallowed, and a breeze to incorporate into your routine, presenting the perfect blend of convenience and health.

Our Full Spectrum CBD soft gel capsules are your ticket to a better lifestyle, addressing stress, anxiety, and inflammation. Produced in-house using hemp from our 100% USDA Organic farms and ethanol extraction, you can trust our product to be of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing process. A third-party lab tests all our CBD soft gel capsules for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals, ensuring the safety, purity, and consistency of our products.

Discover the impact our 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules can have on your overall wellness and lifestyle. Offering convenience, effectiveness, and safety, these capsules are an investment in your health. Why not experience the myriad benefits of CBD with our high-quality, trustworthy product?

Our capsules are brimming with natural ingredients, each contributing towards optimal health and wellness. Their potential benefits encompass chronic pain relief, improved sleep quality, anxiety and depression alleviation, epilepsy and seizure symptom management, improved heart health, autoimmune disorder symptom reduction, inflammation control, bone growth promotion, addiction and withdrawal symptom management, gut health improvement, cognitive function enhancement, diabetes risk reduction, and chemotherapy symptom management.

Product Highlights:

  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility
  • Non-GMO
  • USDA organic certified hemp
  • Vegan
  • CBD extracted via Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction and Supercritical CO2

Using our 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules is straightforward. They can be taken orally, starting with one capsule per day and increasing up to a maximum of two capsules per 24 hours. Keep in mind that optimal CBD dosage is individual, so experiment with care and patience.

Allergen Information: Our capsules are free from milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, but do contain coconut.

To preserve freshness, store your CBD capsules in a dark, dry place away from extreme heat, light, and moisture. Refrigeration is not recommended.

FAQs: What are Full Spectrum CBD Capsules? Full Spectrum CBD Capsules encapsulate the entirety of the hemp plant’s benefits into a handy, portable form. Our capsules contain a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds, providing an enhanced therapeutic effect known as the “entourage effect.” Experience the full power of nature with our Full Spectrum CBD Capsules!

Why choose Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel? Carmen’s Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels are gluten-free, non-GMO, and derived from organic hemp plants. They’re portable, simple to take, and are designed to allow the full-spectrum hemp extract to enter your bloodstream via your digestive system, delivering all the CBD benefits you desire.

How much CBD is in a capsule? Each soft gel capsule contains 50mg of CBD. Each container has 30 capsules.

How to consume CBD capsules? Ideally, consume 50mg CBD capsules an hour after your meal, either in the morning, at


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