The CBD hemp blend is crushed from the best varieties we grow. In the package, you will find both flowers and leaves. A blend of many scents and aromas from our range of hemp flowers. Ideal for direct consumption.


Unveiling our premium Hemp Harmony Blend, meticulously crafted with the finest CBD, CBG, and CBN.

Discover the allure of our best-selected hemp varieties, elegantly manifested in a mix of leaves and flowers. Its multi-faceted usage empowers you with the freedom to explore your preferred consumption methods, making it the perfect introductory choice for those venturing into the transformative world of CBD.

Embark on a sensory journey with our Hemp Harmony Blend. Savor the bold, distinctive fusion of aromas emanating from our top-tier hemp flowers, harmonized with a symphony of sweet undertones. The resulting taste is lush and robust, ensuring a gratifying palate experience.

Potency Unveiled: Our Hemp Harmony Blend boasts a CBD content that ranges between a robust 6 – 10%. We also ensure a CBG content of ≤0.3% and a controlled THC content of ≤0.2%.

Origins: Our Hemp Harmony Blend proudly bears its roots in the verdant lands of Czechia, embodying the richness of its home soil.

Preservation at its Best: We entrust our precious hemp flowers to special food-grade Doypacks. Outfitted with a ZIP closure, these packaging champions offer formidable defense against moisture and oxygen, ensuring that the freshness and the captivating aromas of our blend are safely locked in.

Our Assurance: All our flowers are the embodiment of purity and natural goodness. We’re passionately against the use of chemicals, and we steer clear of rinsing our flowers to eliminate THC. As a result, the reported amount of cannabinoids may slightly fluctuate between flowers, yet these variations are always minor. Rest assured, our approach respects nature’s blueprint, honoring our belief that Mother Nature is the most superior cultivator. Embrace the authentic essence of our Hemp Harmony Blend.


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