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Space Cake CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies ‘CBD Provisions’

Is a premium line of CBD-infused cookies produced in the United Kingdom. These delicious treats combine the comforting taste of traditional chocolate chip cookies with the potential health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Made with high-quality ingredients, each cookie is crafted to deliver a perfect balance of flavor and wellness benefits.

Key Features:

  1. CBD-infused: Each cookie is infused with a carefully measured dose of CBD, derived from legally grown hemp plants. This non-psychoactive compound is known for its potential therapeutic properties, including stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, and improved sleep.
  2. High-quality ingredients: Space Cake CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies are made using only the finest ingredients, including real chocolate chips, fresh butter, and pure vanilla extract, to ensure a delectable taste experience.
  3. Lab-tested: To guarantee the safety and quality of the product, each batch of cookies is tested by third-party laboratories for potency, purity, and consistency.
  4. Legal in the UK: Space Cake CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies comply with UK regulations for CBD products, containing less than 0.2% THC, ensuring that they are non-psychoactive and safe for consumption.
  5. Convenient and discreet: With their portable, individually wrapped packaging, these cookies are perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD throughout the day.
  6. Suitable for various dietary needs: Space Cake CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies are available in different versions to cater to various dietary restrictions, such as vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free options.

Enjoy the delightful taste and potential wellness benefits of Space Cake CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies ‘CBD Provisions’. These premium CBD-infused treats offer a delicious and convenient way to incorporate the power of CBD into your daily routine.


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