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Discover the soothing embrace of CALM,

with Lavender Essential Oil

Our finest organic, full-spectrum CBD oil: specially formulated for your beloved dogs. Harnessing the powerful potential of nature, CALM expertly blends holistic ingredients to counteract your pet’s anxiety issues. Unsettled by thunderstorms or fireworks? Stressed during grooming and vet visits? Overwhelmed with travel or separation anxiety? CALM is your all-natural solution to restore tranquility and peace in your dog’s life.

Product Size / Servings:

Experience the strength of CBD: in each drop with our user-friendly 1mL dropper, delivering at least 9mg of CBD for precise dosage control. Unleash the potential of a single 2oz bottle, packing at least 550mg of CBD to cater to your dog’s needs. Relish the long-lasting benefits with approximately 60 1mL servings per 2oz bottle, ensuring your pet’s tranquility journey is as enduring as your love for them. Embrace CALM today and enrich your dog’s life with serenity.


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