• Broad spectrum CBD
  • Coconut-derived MCT oil
  • Natural bacon flavor
  • Organic & non-GMO
  • Human grade & vegan
  • Available in four strengths for all sizes of dogs



The Wonders of Canine Care with our Savory Bacon-Flavored CBD Oil

Empower your furry friends with the unique perks of our all-natural, vegan-friendly CBD oil for dogs. A perfect blend of wellness and comfort, our products provide the same remarkable advantages of CBD oil enjoyed by humans, enhanced for your loyal companion’s wellbeing!

Soothing Comfort for Your Beloved Pet Everyday events, like the arrival of the mail carrier or a car ride, can trigger anxiety in dogs. Our CBD oil for dogs masterfully calms their nerves, ensuring a content, happier existence for your four-legged friend.

Supercharge Wellness with Nature’s Best Our CBD oil aligns beautifully with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, fostering balance across various critical organs and systems. This state of equilibrium provides a boost to their overall health.

Ease Those Achy Joints Numerous pet parents have discovered CBD’s amazing ability to alleviate discomfort in their pet’s muscles and joints. Our products are a natural solution for your pet’s discomfort.

The Science Behind Our CBD Oil for Dogs Like all vertebrates, dogs possess an endocannabinoid system, a crucial cell-signaling system that helps maintain balance in their body. The cannabinoids in our CBD oil, derived from cannabis, mimic your dog’s own endocannabinoids, offering potential wellness benefits.

Power of MCT Oil MCT Oil, or Medium-Chain Triglyceride Oil, enhances your dog’s absorption of CBD, making the wellness benefits kick in faster.

Choose CBDfx – Quality You Can Trust We source our CBD oil from organically grown hemp plants at our partner farms in the US, extracted through clean CO2 processes. Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in every product we sell, backed by third-party lab reports. Trust CBDfx for the purest, safest, and most potent CBD pet products.

How Fast Does CBD Work for Dogs?

Just as every individual responds differently to CBD, dogs also have varying bioavailability rates influenced by factors like weight, metabolism, body mass, and more. Given their faster metabolism, dogs typically feel the effects of CBD within 90 minutes, sometimes even sooner.

Why Choose Our CBD Pet Tincture We all want the best for our dogs. Our CBD Pet Tincture offers a range of wellness benefits to enhance your pet’s quality of life. Invest in your dog’s wellness with our CBD Pet Tincture today!

Suggested Usage Prior to use, please consult your veterinarian. Can be administered orally or mixed into food. Recommended dose is half a dropper in the morning and evening. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Ideal For… Those who wish to provide their dogs with the calming and wellness benefits of CBD.

Product Highlights: Our broad-spectrum CBD oil is derived from 100% organically grown hemp, enhanced with coconut-derived MCT oil for faster absorption. All-natural vegan bacon flavoring enhances the experience. Offered in 250 mg for small dogs (under 20lb), 500 mg for medium-sized dogs (20–60lb), 1000 mg for large dogs (60lb+), and 2000 mg extra-strength for large dogs (100lb+).


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