• 500mg broad spectrum CBD per pen
  • Smooth hits & expertly crafted flavors
  • 2 grams disposable pen
  • Approximately 800 puffs per pen
  • Ceramic coil with 2mL capacity
  • Rechargeable/disposable
  • ND-THC***

Unveil the tropical bliss with our Tropic Breeze CBD Vape Pen, packing a powerful 500mg of premium CBD, ready to offer an enchanting escape at a moment’s notice.

Crafted with you in mind, our compact and pre-charged vape pen provides an easy, on-the-go solution for your CBD needs. Open the package and voilà — no complex setup, no buttons to fiddle with; just pure, ready-to-use convenience!

In every vibrant pen, you’ll discover our unique blend of CBD e-juice, teeming with 500mg of organic, broad-spectrum CBD. Offering a substantial 800 puffs, your pen isn’t just a one-hit wonder, but a companion you can count on, time and time again.

Each draw of our Tropic Breeze CBD Vape Pen cascades your senses with a sun-kissed mix of mango and other exotic fruits. The exquisite balance between sweet and earthy notes takes your vaping experience to unexplored heights.

Why Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is the golden middle between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Offering a rich cannabinoid profile minus THC, it’s the ideal choice for those seeking the full benefits of CBD without the risk of a false-positive on drug tests. That’s why our Tropic Breeze CBD Vape Pen and all our CBD products proudly feature broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Vape Pen Advantages

Our CBD Vape Pens are sleek, portable, and designed for your busy lifestyle. Slip one into your pocket, and take CBD with you wherever you go. And the best part? These pens are fully charged and disposable — say goodbye to bulky chargers and time-consuming maintenance.

Why Choose CBDfx?

At CBDfx, we believe in transparency and quality above all. Our premium CBD products are lab-tested, ensuring they’re free from contaminants and packed with the promised CBD potency. We keep it simple, with only four ingredients in our vape products — organic CBD, propylene glycol, vegetable glycol, and flavoring. No unwanted additives, no hidden nasties.

Inside the Tropic Breeze CBD Vape Pen

  1. Broad Spectrum CBD: Our broad-spectrum CBD is organically grown in the fertile soils of Kentucky, extracted using the cleanest CO2 method. Our third-party lab reports are your assurance of quality.
  2. Propylene Glycol: A vaping industry standard, propylene glycol ensures an evenly distributed, smooth taste.
  3. Vegetable Glycol: Derived from vegetable oil, this essential component provides a thickness to the vapor, smoothing out the experience.
  4. Expertly Crafted Flavors: Our delectable tropical flavors, safe for consumption, add a sensory delight to your vaping experience.

Experience the Sweet Escape with CBD Tropic Breeze Vape Pen

Welcome the sweet burst of tropical fruits combined with the calming effects of premium, organic, broad-spectrum CBD. Our Tropic Breeze CBD Vape Pen is the perfect companion, delivering a reliable and satisfying experience every time.

Explore the full range of our CBD vape pens today and discover the CBDfx difference. Also, visit our blog for more information about the benefits of CBD, dosage advice, and all things CBD-related. Enjoy the journey with CBDfx, your trusted partner in CBD.


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