Introducing the CBD Provisions Sample Kit

a perfect starter pack for those looking to explore the benefits of CBD-based products. This comprehensive kit includes a variety of formulations, making it easy for you to discover your preferred method of consumption and experience the soothing effects of CBD. Each product in the kit is made with high-quality ingredients and is carefully crafted to ensure maximum efficacy.

Kit Contents:

  1. 4 x 10mg CBD Patches: These discreet, easy-to-use transdermal patches deliver a consistent dose of 10mg CBD per patch over a period of 24 hours. They provide a slow release of CBD through the skin, offering a convenient and long-lasting solution for those seeking relief from discomfort, stress, or anxiety.
  2. 1 x CBD & Magnesium Cream: This topical cream combines the therapeutic benefits of CBD with the muscle-relaxing properties of magnesium. It’s perfect for massaging into sore, tired muscles and joints or for applying to areas of tension and discomfort. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and refreshed.
  3. 1 x Oil ‘CBD Provisions’: This premium CBD oil is a versatile and effective option for incorporating CBD into your daily routine. With its mild flavor, it can be taken sublingually or added to your favorite beverages and recipes. Each bottle contains a carefully measured dropper for precise dosing, ensuring you get the optimal amount of CBD for your needs.

Discover the potential benefits of CBD with the CBD Provisions Sample Kit – your all-in-one solution for exploring and experiencing the power of CBD.


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