Feel your best with our premium pharmacy grade 5% RAW 500mg CBD Oil


Experience the optimal wellness you’ve been craving with our top-tier, pharmacist-formulated 5% RAW 500mg CBD Oil.

Harness the power of Mother Nature’s synergy with our RAW selection, where every beneficial compound from the hemp plant is preserved to catalyze the renowned ‘entourage effect’. This exceptional extract brims with nutrient-rich terpenes, cannaflavins, and a vibrant spectrum of phytonutrients, far surpassing the limited efficacy of common CBD isolates.

Savor the richness of our 5% CBD oil, expertly crafted to deliver 500mg of CBD in every 10ml bottle. Uniquely vegan-friendly, free of palm oil, and non-GMO, our CBD oils embody our commitment to promoting health and sustainability hand in hand.

Transparency is our motto, and it’s why each batch of our oils is backed by an independent lab report. This validation serves to affirm the precise cannabinoid content, allowing you to rest assured you’re receiving exactly what you’re promised. Review the attached PDF for detailed verification of our promise of purity. Step into a new era of wellness with our premium, all-natural RAW 500mg CBD Oil.


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