The Exquisite Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend (20g) – Sour Blueberry Kush!

Experience the revolution in the cannabis-inspired CBD and hemp market with Professor Herb, the UK’s leading and fastest-growing brand. Already a trusted name in over 500+ retail stores, Professor Herb is setting the pace in the alternative smoking universe with its innovative suite of hemp-centric products.

Born at the dawn of the CBD industry, Professor Herb has grown exponentially to become a well-respected and dominant player in its sphere. This phenomenal growth and market dominance are undeniable proof of the brand’s success and customer trust.

Dive into a healthier smoking experience with the Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend, a beloved tobacco substitute. It offers you a nicotine-free and tobacco-free experience while wrapping you in a cocoon of gentle relaxation. Enjoy the soft texture, the aromatic herbal scent, and the promise of a more natural smoking lifestyle.

Our 100% pure hemp blend is an ideal choice for smoking and can be easily combined with any of your favourite smoking blends or herbs. The blend comes pre-ground, making it ready to roll straight out of the pouch with no additional grinding needed.

Taste Profile: Sour Blueberry Kush (An irresistible sour blueberry with terpenes)

Key Product Features:

  • Proudly crafted in the UK & EU
  • Premium Italian grown industrial hemp biomass (20g per pouch)
  • 1000mg of organic natural CBD in every pouch
  • Smell-proof resealable foil zip-lock pouch for lasting freshness
  • Includes Professor Herb king size rolling papers
  • Rigorously analysed & tested by Adact Medical
  • PHE (Public Health England) submitted
  • QR code feature for COA, revealing detailed product analysis and Cannabinoid report

Every pouch is meticulously sealed to ensure freshness and comes with a resealable zipper to prolong the product’s lifespan. By scanning the integrated QR code, you can easily access the product’s complete analysis and Cannabinoid report.

Ingredients: A fine blend of Hemp biomass, terpenes & flavourings.


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