• 4 grams of premium CBD flower (Over 1/8th!)
  • 2 grams of Organic & Wild Sourced Botanicals
  • 0 additives or fillers
  • Ships to all 50 states via USPS
  • Strains vary. Please note that potency shown in picture may not represent strain you will receive.

Harmony | CBD Hemp Smoking Mixture

CBD Hemp Floral Harmony Mix Harmony offers a calming blend that encourages tranquility, equilibrium, and unwinding, whilst promoting focus. This subtly sweet, faintly floral smoking concoction comprises Lavender, Rose, Lotus, Spearmint, Wild Dagga, and the highest quality CBD hemp flower.

*Variations in strains apply. Please observe that the potency depicted in the image might not reflect the strain you’ll receive. Explore more on our website, cbd-provisions.com.


Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Our hemp originates from the aromatic lands of Oregon, cultivated in farms that have USDA Organic Certification and have undergone stringent 3rd-party testing. This “industrial” variant of hemp boasts a THC content of less than 0.3%.

Lavender Extracted from the evergreen shrub, lavender is an aromatic ingredient that has been a favorite for thousands of years. Its calming, invigorating, and relaxing qualities make it a globally loved plant.

Spearmint Our spearmint, sweet and velvety, carries a significantly lower menthol content compared to its cousin, peppermint. This ingredient is bound to provide a refreshing and uplifting touch.

Mullein Sourced from Europe and western Asia, Mullein is a gentle yet potent plant that has been a staple in traditional European herbal remedies. It’s versatility is reflected in the numerous ways it can be prepared.

Rose Petals We use organically grown red and pink Rosa damascena plants to harvest our rose petals. The rich, sweet, and floral profile of rose petals infuses our products with an unparalleled decadence while boosting their nutritional value.

Wild Dagga Famed for its use as a calming smoking herb, Wild Dagga imparts a sense of relaxation and subtle euphoria. It’s also reputed to amplify the effects of other herbs in the mix.


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