Discover the Luxurious Blend of Naturecan’s CBD Infused Chocolate – A Divine 10g Delight!

Dive into the exquisite world of Naturecan’s CBD infused chocolate, a delightful blend of rich cocoa butter and hints of enchanting vanilla. Each tantalizing bite delivers a harmonious dance of creamy chocolate and the potent benefits of broad-spectrum cannabidiol. It’s a sweet, therapeutic retreat that you won’t be able to resist.

Experience the Assurance of 0% THC Every piece of our CBD infused chocolate undergoes rigorous independent lab testing, so you can enjoy your treat with the utmost peace of mind. As a testament to our commitment to quality, each 10g bar boasts a potent 20mg of CBD, all while maintaining 0% THC content.

Unleash the Power of Broad-spectrum CBD Oil Our premium chocolate bars are infused with broad-spectrum CBD oil, sourced from the finest, most natural ingredients. This promises not only a delicious treat but also a holistic experience, balancing taste and wellness in perfect harmony.

Choose Your Indulgence: Milk or Dark Chocolate Do you crave the creamy texture of milk chocolate or the intense richness of dark chocolate? Whichever you prefer, we have got you covered. Our CBD infused chocolate comes in both delightful options, ready to cater to your unique taste buds.

Ingredients List for Transparency Our bars contain broad-spectrum cannabidiol, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, an emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla flavour, with a minimum of 34% cocoa solids, and minimum 20% milk solids.

Unveil the Lab Reports We believe in transparency. That’s why we proudly share the lab reports for our products. Visit the link to see the lab reports for our Milk Chocolate.

Please note: This indulgent treat contains less than 0.01% THC. Indulge in a luxurious chocolate journey, without any worries. Experience Naturecan’s CBD Infused Chocolate today!


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