Invigorate Hemp Infusion by Love CBD, Your Daily Cup of Wellness

Product Spotlight:

Greet the dawn with Invigorate Hemp Infusion by Love CBD, a unique blend of nourishing antioxidants, aromatic terpenes, and beneficial cannabinoids. This luxurious hemp tea is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily wellness routine, kick-starting your day with a soothing, revitalizing experience.

Each elegantly packaged box of Invigorate Hemp Infusion is brimming with 10 meticulously crafted tea bags, all naturally caffeine-free.

Our Invigorate blend is not just any hemp tea, it’s a carefully curated symphony of ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L., Chamomile for a calming effect, Peppermint for a fresh touch, Ginger for a zesty kick, Marigold for a hint of the exotic, and Lime Blossom for a dash of invigorating citrusy notes.

Precautions & Storage:

Keep in mind: Our Invigorate Hemp Infusion is not recommended for consumption if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. To ensure maximum freshness and taste, always store your Love CBD tea in a cool, dry sanctuary away from sunlight.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of wellness and taste with Invigorate Hemp Infusion by Love CBD – the perfect way to transform your daily tea ritual into a journey of well-being!


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