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Presenting Holland & Barrett’s Superior CBD Muscle Balm Extra – 50ml

Unlock the Power of CBD!

Crafted with the perfect symphony of nature’s finest ingredients, our light yet potent CBD Muscle Balm offers an invigorating, soothing touch to tired muscles. Brimming with 100% natural, CBD-rich hemp extract, our extra-strength balm is all you need to ease the strain.

Features of Our Extra-Strength CBD Balm:

  • A Medley of Calming Elements
  • A Unique Balance of Warming and Cooling Sensations
  • Absolutely Natural and 100% Authentic

What Makes Our Muscle Balm Stand Out?

Our innovative formula infused with Capsicum releases a gentle warming sensation, stimulating circulation in the massaged areas and facilitating muscle relaxation. The light texture of this highly effective balm leaves no residue, absorbing seamlessly into the skin, bestowing a soothing and nourished feel.

Experience the comfort of Holland & Barrett’s CBD Muscle Balm Extra – the pinnacle of natural care for your muscles.

Please note: Our products are designed for individuals aged 18 and above. Always prioritize safety and responsibility in use.


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