• Intense and bright colors
  •  Accuracy in colour result
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Absolute coverage of white hair
  • Rinsing natural tones
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • 63 shades to satisfy every choice

Understanding the HERBORIA MAX Dye System

Everyone’s in search of that perfect hair dye—one that promises not only intense colors but also health and vitality to the hair. Enter the HERBORIA MAX dye system, a revelation in hair color technology. Let’s dive into what makes this product so unique.

What Sets HERBORIA MAX Apart

There are countless hair dyes available, so what makes this one stand out?

Ammonia-Free Composition

For starters, the HERBORIA MAX dye system is devoid of ammonia. This not only makes it gentler on the hair but also enhances its protective qualities. Imagine coloring your hair without the usual harm associated with chemical-based products!

Natural Ingredients for Hair Health

The magic isn’t just in the absence of ammonia; it’s also about what’s present in the mix. Rich in sunflower extracts, lanolin, and a medley of other natural ingredients, this dye takes the best of nature and imparts it to your hair. Think of it as nature’s touch in every tint.

Remarkable Features of HERBORIA MAX Dye

The Color Palette: Bright & Intense

With HERBORIA MAX, you’re assured of colors that pop and stand out. Whether you’re going for a subtle hue or a bold statement, expect brilliance in every strand.

Precise & Lasting Color Outcomes

Worried about color fading or not getting the shade you anticipated? Cast those fears aside! HERBORIA guarantees accuracy in the color result and ensures that your chosen hue lasts longer.

A Palette of 63 Shades

Talk about choices! From fiery reds to cool blues, and everything in between, there are 63 shades to satisfy every whim and fancy. Feeling adventurous? Or perhaps, just looking for a slight change? There’s a shade for every mood.

The Science Behind the Quality

High-Quality Pigments

The excellence of any dye lies in its pigments. HERBORIA MAX ensures that you get nothing but the best, even allowing for special color options.

HELIOGENOL: The Protective Base

Beyond just color, the HERBORIA MAX system incorporates the specially designed HELIOGENOL. But what is it? It’s a protective shield against those pesky free radicals that can wreak havoc on hair health.

Role of Sunflower Seed Extracts

At its core, the HELIOGENOL system is fortified with sunflower seed extracts. These, along with other natural ingredients, form a fortress of protection for your hair.

Natural Ingredients for Ultimate Protection

The protective quality is further enhanced with a luxurious blend of apricot oil, citrus, grape seeds, Jojoba oil, and coconut butter. This combo not only guards but also intensely moisturizes and reconstructs, promising healthy and shiny locks.

Benefits for Sensitive & Damaged Hair

Did we mention that it’s a savior for sensitive and damaged hair? The protective and moisturizing elements ensure that even the most fragile tresses are catered for.

Moisturizing & Reconstructive Action

It’s more than just a dye—it’s therapy for your hair. The ingredients work in tandem to hydrate and rebuild, resulting in hair that’s not just colored, but rejuvenated.

DILUTION RATIO: Knowing the Numbers

For those curious about the specifics, here’s the dilution ratio:

  • 1:1,5 (100ml dye cream + 150ml conditioner)
  • 1:2 for ultra-blonde shades like 10S/0, 10S/1, 10S/2, and 1002.


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