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INGREDIENTSUSP MCT oil (from coconut), hemp bloom full spectrum CBD extract oleoresin



Unleash the Force of CBD with Genesis Blend CBD Oil – Original Strength

Introducing Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Unleash the extraordinary potential of a broad range of cannabinoids with our Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil. This distinguished hemp extract, revered for its quality, is derived from hemp flowers cultivated at our farm in Mercer county. The extraction process takes place in our FDA-accredited facility based in Midway, KY. Laboratory examinations have attested that our comprehensive hemp extract is richer in natural cannabinoids and terpenoids compared to other full-spectrum CBD brands available in the market.

The Advantages of Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Our CBD oil stands out from the crowd, offering more natural cannabinoids and terpenoids than any other full-spectrum CBD brands in the market. Proud recipient of awards and the distinction of being the 1st state-approved full spectrum CBD oil. A full spectrum formulation encompassing over 12 diverse natural cannabinoids along with terpenes. Non-psychoactive. The very same Full Spectrum CBD oil that Colten, the owner’s son, consumes every day. Verified through rigorous in-house and third-party laboratory testing.

Potential Applications of CBD Oil Diminishing inflammation Providing pain relief Easing anxiety and depression Boosting heart health Improving skin conditions Lessening nausea Facilitating better sleep Enhancing neurological health Lowering seizure incidents Promoting joint health

Recommended Use

For optimum benefits, begin with 1 ml of Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil twice daily. Deposit the oil beneath your tongue and wait for 20-30 seconds prior to swallowing. This CBD oil comes in two quantities – 1190mg CBD in a 4oz bottle and 300mg CBD in a 1oz bottle. Each 1ml serving contains 10mg of CBD. The 4oz bottle provides a supply lasting for 2 months. The oil has a mild natural flavor and exhibits a light golden color.


The ingredients include USP MCT oil (sourced from coconut) and Hemp bloom full spectrum CBD extract oleoresin.

Experience the might of comprehensive hemp extract with Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil. This lauded CBD oil, extracted from our locally grown hemp flowers and prepared in our FDA-registered facility, brings you the potency of natural cannabinoids and terpenoids in a full spectrum CBD oil. Visit our website, cbd-provisions.com, for more details.



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