We care about the safety of our consumers and we take no chances with the quality of our products. The CBD vape juice available in our store is made from organic hemp grown in Colorado combined with all-natural ingredients like MCT oil and terpenes, and it’s free of THC and nicotine.


CBD Vape Juice

Our 1000mg or 3000mg CBD tank juice is made with MCT Oil and all Natural Botanical Terps to mimic the popular cannabis strains and their therapeutic benefits.

Product Info

    • 66.7-200mg CBD per 1ML of CBD vape juice
    • 1000-3000mg of CBD per bottle
    • Zero detectable levels of THC
    • Terpene enhanced
    • Can be taken sublingually as well
    • Third-party lab tested (No PG, VG or Vitamin E acetate)

Right Dosage for CBD Vape Oil

Many customers buy our CBD vape oils but do not understand MG/ML ratio and dosage correctly. Of course, an incorrect dosage will mar the experience and is likely the primary reason why you are not feeling any reported benefits. Try starting out with a low dosage, as we suggest on our product labels. From then on, you can double or triple up every few hours until you have reached your comfort zone.

In addition, you should research different dosages to understand the effects of CBD tank juice. Moreover, know what to be looking for. Rather than going for a strong, high dose straight away, and later not feeling the results, we recommend that you instead try to go slow and build your way up. Sometimes, the process requires patience. However, it is better than taking incorrect dosages and not feeling the full effects like you should be.


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