Our full-spectrum blend CBD oil is precisely formulated to help you manage the stresses of daily life; remain focused, energized and active; ease exercise-induced inflammation and discomfort; support and maintain healthy sleep cycles; and boost overall health and wellness.*

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Available in natural and mint flavor.

Approx. 25mg CBD per 1mL serving. (750mg bottle) & 50mg CBD per 1ml serving (1500mg bottle)


Unveil the Power of Nature with Zebra CBD Oil: Your Premier Full-Spectrum Blend

Welcome to the zenith of natural wellness – Zebra CBD Hemp Extract Oil. Handcrafted with the finest ingredients and unyielding attention to detail, this premium, full-spectrum CBD oil represents the perfect harmony between potency, flavor, and efficacy.

Our CBD oil is vegan, natural, and free of artificial additives, embodying the purity of nature in every drop. We’ve meticulously removed artificial flavors, colors, and sugars, to ensure our formulation radiates nothing but pure goodness.

We amplify the bioavailability of CBD by blending it with MCT derived from coconut oil. This carrier oil enhances the effectiveness of CBD, paving the way for a potent, compact CBD tincture designed to elevate your wellness. Furthermore, our product is meticulously screened for any contaminants to assure you a product free of heavy metals, harmful microbes, and unnatural pesticides.

But what does “Full Spectrum” really mean?

Our full-spectrum CBD oil is a treasure trove of beneficial compounds derived from the hemp plant. It’s bursting with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, each contributing to a symphony of health-boosting properties. It’s important to note that full-spectrum CBD oil may contain traces of THC. While these concentrations are minute, they may induce psychoactive effects when consumed in substantial quantities. However, the potency and efficacy of this compound-rich oil are widely hailed by users seeking holistic health solutions.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum – what’s the difference?

The core distinction between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil lies in their composition. While both encapsulate the goodness of the hemp plant, full-spectrum CBD oil harbors all compounds, including trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum, on the other hand, is entirely THC-free. Both types may contain terpenes, the aromatic compounds adding another layer of wellness benefits. Full spectrum CBD oil typically employs MCT oil as a carrier, though other oils may be used in broad-spectrum variants. Ultimately, the selection between these two powerhouse oils boils down to personal preference.

So, what does Zebra CBD hemp extract oil promise?

Whether you’re a fan of the refreshing mint flavor or prefer the rustic natural variant, our full-spectrum CBD oil drops bring maximum potency and efficacy to your doorstep.

Unleash a world of health benefits with our natural hemp CBD oil extract – it holds the key to enhanced mental clarity, deep, restorative sleep, and holistic wellbeing. Consistent usage can yield:

  • Everyday wellness: Support your whole-body wellness, keeping you energized, focused, and in the game.*
  • Brighter mood: Experience mental tranquility and clarity, infusing your life with positivity.*
  • Faster recovery: Recover swiftly from physical exercise, relieving exercise-induced inflammation and discomfort.*
  • Improved sleep: Achieve and maintain healthy sleep cycles, rejuvenating your body and mind with our CBD tincture.

Empower your life with the ultimate wellness elixir – Zebra CBD Hemp Extract Oil. Unveil the power of nature today.


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