Our full-spectrum blend CBD oil is precisely formulated to help you manage the stresses of daily life; remain focused, energized and active; ease exercise-induced inflammation and discomfort; support and maintain healthy sleep cycles; and boost overall health and wellness.*

Available in natural and mint flavor.

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Approx. 25mg CBD per 1mL serving. (750mg bottle) & 50mg CBD per 1ml serving (1500mg bottle)


Originating from the versatile hemp plant, full spectrum CBD oil is a powerhouse packed with a diversity of health-enhancing components including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. It’s crucial to understand that this variant of CBD oil might encompass minor amounts of THC, potentially eliciting a psychoactive impact if consumed in significant quantities. Despite this, the synergy of compounds present in full spectrum CBD oil is often perceived to intensify its potency and effectiveness, making it a popular choice for health management.

Full Spectrum versus Broad Spectrum

The key distinction between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil is their specific compositions. Full spectrum CBD oil boasts an inclusive mix of hemp plant derivatives, encompassing THC in minor quantities, whereas broad spectrum CBD oil is devoid of any THC. Fragrant elements known as terpenes are common to both CBD oil variants. Full spectrum CBD oil typically utilizes MCT oil as a carrier, but broad spectrum CBD oil might incorporate different carrier oils. The selection between these two CBD oil forms primarily relies on the user’s personal preference.

What Outcomes Can You Expect from Zebra CBD Hemp Extract Oil?

Whether you’re inclined towards a natural or minty flavor, every CBD product we offer, including our CBD tincture, is integrated with full-spectrum CBD oil drops for optimal strength and performance.

Incorporating natural hemp CBD oil extract into your daily routine can augment your health, resulting in improved mental focus, deep restful sleep, and overall wellbeing. Regular usage could yield one or more of these benefits:

• Daily health boost – Comprehensive wellness support to keep you energized and focused.* • Enhanced mood – Promote mental clarity and calm.* • Accelerated recovery – Recoup more swiftly from physical exertion and alleviate exercise-induced inflammation and related discomfort.* • Quality sleep – Promote healthy sleep patterns with our CBD tincture.


What Constitutes Zebra CBD Hemp Extract Oil? We’re delighted you’re interested!

Our commitment to purity and simplicity enables us to deliver a superior full-spectrum CBD oil. The two principal components are:

• Hemp Extract Blend – Our ethanol extraction technique yields a full-spectrum hemp extract that showcases a rich spectrum of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The meticulous infusion of broad spectrum CBD distillate ensures a pleasing flavor without compromising on potency and effectiveness. • MCT Oil – This fat-soluble hemp extract partners flawlessly with the MCT carrier oil, maximizing bioavailability. Experience Zebra CBD Hemp Oil for yourself today and discover why we’re renowned for delivering the most powerful CBD isolate formulations in the industry.


Prior to each use, give the bottle a good shake. Fill the dropper (1 mL) and place the oil beneath your tongue; hold for a minute, then swallow. For your convenience, the oil can be taken once or twice a day as needed.

For optimal results:

• Keep oil in a cool, dry location with the lid firmly secured. • Avoid exposing the oil to heat. • Ensure the bottle is stored upright.


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