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Introducing Unleashed Wellness: CBD Oil Tailored for Dogs & Cats

Unleashed Wellness is excited to present our bespoke CBD oil crafted especially for our cherished pets. We’ve meticulously infused our CBD oil with all-natural, pet-friendly organic ingredients and broad-spectrum hemp extract, handpicked from Canada’s lush hemp fields. The result? A delightful blend of CBD hemp oil your dog or cat will adore. It easily blends with their favourite food or treats, making for a seamless integration into their daily routine.

Our 30ml bottles come packed with broad-spectrum extracts that carry zero to negligible traces of THC, making our pet CBD oil non-psychoactive and safe. With Unleashed Wellness, rest assured your furry companions are in good hands.

Why Choose Unleashed Wellness CBD Oil for Your Pets?

Like humans, our pets experience ailments, discomfort, and anxieties. Unleashed Wellness CBD oil could be the solution to help alleviate these symptoms and propel your pets towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Curious to know more? Check out our additional resources here.

Guidelines for Serving Unleashed Wellness CBD Oil to Your Pet

Delivering Unleashed Wellness CBD oil to your pet is a piece of cake. Available in three mouthwatering flavours, our CBD oil will undoubtedly tantalize your pet’s taste buds. Add the appropriate amount to your pet’s meal once or twice daily based on their needs. For dosage guidance, refer to our handy dosage chart, or reach out to our support team, who are ready to assist.

Can I Give My Pet CBD Oil Intended for Humans?

At Unleashed Wellness, we strongly advise using our pet-specific CBD oil, rather than our standard human variants. Our pet CBD oil is available in three pet-friendly flavours that your pet will love, unlike peppermint oil that may not appeal to their palate or might be harmful. To ensure your pet’s smooth transition to CBD, we’ve created three different concentrations of pet oils.

Understanding the Difference: Unleashed Wellness Pet CBD Oil in 200mg, 600mg, and 1000mg

At Unleashed Wellness, we understand that pets come in different sizes and have varying needs. To cater to this, we’ve developed three strengths of our pet CBD oil. Our 200mg CBD oil, ideal for small to medium-sized pets like Corgis and Chihuahuas, delivers ~6.7mg CBD per 1mL dose.

For larger pets like German Shepherds and Labradors, our 600mg oil offers ~20mg CBD per 1mL dose. And for larger pets dealing with severe ailments or anxiety, our 1000mg variant provides a powerful punch of ~30mg CBD per 1mL dose. With Unleashed Wellness, your pets’ well-being is our utmost priority.


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