• Flavour: Mixed Fruit
  • Spectrum: Broad
  • Per Sweet: 16mg
  • Contains: 100 Bears

A large tub of our popular gummy bears providing a mild dose of CBD.

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Introducing our Premium CBD-Infused Large Gummy Bears – a Potent Powerhouse of Wellness

Immerse yourself in a delicious world of wellness with our Supreme CBD’s Large Gummy Bears, where each bite delivers a delightful dose of 16mg of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD. Savor the sweet rush of flavor while experiencing the myriad benefits of CBD, making it an attractive choice for both newbies and seasoned CBD users.

Our super-sized tub comes with an impressive serving of CBD gummy bears, crafted to perfection for those who can’t get enough of our marvelous CBD edibles or those seasoned users seeking higher dosages. It’s a bigger bang for your buck with an astounding 1600mg of pure, unadulterated CBD goodness.

Designed with convenience in mind, our handy-sized tub is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, effortlessly slipping into your bag for your daily travels. It’s your everyday companion delivering your daily dose of CBD in the most palatable way. These delightful gummies, infused with our top-tier, THC-free CBD, let you enjoy the full spectrum of CBD benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Our CBD Large Gummy Bears are more than just delicious – they are a powerhouse of health benefits. Packed in easy-to-carry tubs, these CBD-infused treats make wellness portable, offering you 850mg of high-grade CBD per tub.

The Supreme CBD promise ensures our Large Gummy Bears are GMO-free and 100% vegan. Our CBD is meticulously extracted using the gold-standard CO2 process, eliminating unwanted compounds and amplifying phytocannabinoids’ potency. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure a broad-spectrum product, boasting the highest levels of CBD in our all-natural, non-GMO formulation free from chemical solvents.

Experience the Supreme CBD Large Gummy Bears Advantage:

  • Convenient and quick intake, ideal for a busy lifestyle
  • Handy-sized tub for effortless portability
  • Exquisite sweet treat fortified with the benefits of CBD
  • GMO-free, 100% vegan, and vegetarian-friendly
  • Broad-spectrum CBD offering all the advantages of hemp compounds without any THC
  • Ideal for CBD novices and experts
  • Discreet intake method – our gummies look just like ordinary sweets!
  • Each gummy contains 16mg of CBD for measured intake
  • Satisfying sweet flavor, offering a welcome break from the earthy taste of CBD
  • Extra-large tub with a generous dose of high-quality CBD

Recommended Dosage:

Savor up to 4 of our CBD-infused gummies daily, chewing thoroughly before swallowing. For best results, let the CBD permeate the blood vessels beneath your tongue. Start with a lower dosage and increase gradually to find the right dosage for you. Best taken regularly. Suitable for adults aged 18 and over. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.


Our Large Gummy Bears combine the best of nature’s bounty, including Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Invert Sugar Syrup, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pectin, Sorbitol, Apple Juice Concentrate (1%), Trisodium Citrate, Natural Flavors (Apple, Lemon, Orange Raspberry, Sour Cherry), Colours (Black Carrot Concentrate, Turmeric, Paprika Extract, Spirulina Concentrate), and Hemp-Derived CBD.

Enjoy a sweet escape to wellness with our CBD Large Gummy Bears. Treat yourself to a CBD experience that truly stands out from the crowd.


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