Unleash the Power of CBD with our 600mg Gourmet Jelly Domes

Experience the exquisite blend of nature and sophistication with our award-winning CBD Jelly Domes – proudly recognized as the Best CBD Gummies at the 2021 Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards. Dive into a palate-pleasing medley of invigorating orange, succulent strawberry, and rich blackcurrant flavors, each crafted to perfection and drenched in premium CBD.

Our CBD Jelly Domes are more than just a sweet treat; they offer a unique way to elevate your CBD experience. Each dome is power-packed with 20mg of high-strength CBD, offering a potent punch in every bite. These gems are fast becoming a crowd favorite, renowned for their delicious flavor and unparalleled quality.

Whether you’re on the move or seeking a midday boost, our CBD Jelly Domes provide the perfect pick-me-up, combining the goodness of CBD with the joy of a gourmet sweet. Enhance your daily CBD routine in the most delightful way with our top-selling gummies.


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