The “CBD Provisions” Bundle,

which includes a bottle of high-quality CBD capsules and a pack of your choice of CBD patches. This bundle is perfect for those who are looking for a convenient and effective way to experience the potential benefits of CBD. With both capsules and patches, you can choose the method of administration that works best for you.

Included in this bundle:

  1. CBD Capsules: Our CBD capsules contain a carefully measured dose of pure, full-spectrum CBD extracted from premium-quality hemp plants. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, and is designed to promote relaxation, support a healthy inflammatory response, and encourage overall wellness. The capsules are easy to swallow, making them perfect for those who prefer a tasteless and convenient option for their CBD needs.
  2. CBD Patches (Your Choice): Choose from our selection of CBD patches, each designed to target specific needs. Whether you are looking for relief from muscle aches, stress, or sleep troubles, our CBD patches are formulated to provide targeted, long-lasting relief. These transdermal patches offer a discreet and efficient way to absorb CBD directly through your skin, ensuring consistent dosing throughout the day.

Benefits of the CBD Provisions Bundle:

  • Full-spectrum CBD extracted from high-quality hemp plants
  • Capsules provide a tasteless, easy-to-swallow option for daily CBD consumption
  • Patches offer targeted relief for specific concerns, with long-lasting effects
  • Discreet and convenient methods of CBD administration
  • May help promote relaxation, support a healthy inflammatory response, and encourage overall wellness

Experience the convenience and versatility of the CBD Provisions Bundle and enhance your daily routine with the potential benefits of CBD.


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