• Type: Full-spectrum
  • Potency: 25 milligrams of CBD per .05-ounce application


Introducing the Ultimate CBD Balm: REVIVE & THRIVE

Elevate your self-care routine with our all-new, enhanced WI Hemp Scientific CBD Body Balm – REVIVE & THRIVE. Infused with organic jojoba oil, a higher concentration of CBD, and a sleek, no-mess twist-up applicator, this balm promises exceptional convenience and efficacy. Experience the power of 1250 mg premium Wisconsin Full Spectrum CBD, and make this BATCH essential a go-to in your wellness collection. 2.5 oz / 75 mL.

Key Features:

• Soothing Lavender & Tea Tree Oils: Calm and refresh irritated skin with the perfect harmony of these botanicals. • Nutrient-Rich Jojoba Oil & Essential Oils: Ensure rapid absorption for maximum benefits and hydration. • Effortless 2.5 oz Twist-Up Packaging: Glide on the balm smoothly without the fuss of messy hands! • Delightful Aromatic Blend: Indulge in the gentle, invigorating scents of lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus. • Non-GMO & Paraben-Free: Embrace a clean, natural approach to skincare, free from harmful additives.

Upgrade to REVIVE & THRIVE CBD Balm and feel the difference today!


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