Size:  1.41 oz

Not available for sale in LA, HI and WV.


Experience the Blissful Touch of our LUXURY+CBD BODY SOUFFLÉ

Immerse yourself in a world of rejuvenation with our luxurious Luxury+CBD Body Soufflé, a lush balm overflowing with the richness of organic Olive Oil and a potent dose of 400mg CBD. This velvety concoction melts effortlessly into your skin, imparting an exceptional sense of comfort, and leaving your skin feeling profoundly soft and indulged.

Our formula harnesses the supercharged potency of Cannabis Sativa antioxidants. Experience the extraordinary defence shield it offers against harmful free radicals, effectively reversing the effects of oxidative damage and premature aging induced by exposure to UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Enhance your daily skincare ritual with the enlivening touch of uplifting essential oils of rosemary and lemon. Their invigorating aroma will charm your senses, transforming your skin nourishment routine into an enchanting sensory journey. Welcome to a new era of skincare, where luxury meets wellbeing.


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