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Presenting our Exquisite Mango Kush Cannabis Lollipops!

Feast your senses on the tantalizingly tropical taste of our Mango Kush Cannabis Lollipops. Bursting with a riot of juicy mango flavour, these cannabis-infused treats offer an unforgettable taste experience that is second to none.

We’ve meticulously crafted every lollipop to make sure it’s packed with the most delicious and authentic mango kush notes, ensuring every lick is an adventure to your taste buds. This deliciousness is then neatly encased in a display carton containing 70 of these delightful lollies, perfect for showcasing and sharing.

Fully compliant with EU regulations, these lollipops are 100% legal for consumption within the European Union. We take pride in assuring our customers that our products are entirely THC free, so you can indulge without a worry.

Each lollipop is a generous 18g, made with the finest ingredients right here in the EU. Our ingredient list includes sugar, glucose syrup, Acidants: Citric acid, premium Cannabis extract for that distinctive flavour, colourants: E101, E132, and of course, our secret blend of natural flavours.

Unwrap a world of flavour with our Mango Kush Cannabis Lollipops. Your journey to an unforgettable flavour experience starts here.


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