Canabidol Raw CBD Oil – 500mg in a 10ml Bottle.

Canabidol’s exquisite RAW Cannabis Oil is your premium choice for a CBD-rich solution, packed with full-spectrum hemp extracts. Brimming with essential terpenes, proteins, fatty acids, and phytonutrients, it’s crafted to deliver the highest levels of beneficial elements for your wellbeing.

Embrace the Authentic Cannabis Experience!

Dive into a full-bodied CBD oil that carries every naturally occurring element of the cannabis plant. The rich, dark color and robust flavor profile are testaments to its authenticity, offering an unfiltered hemp experience, devoid of any actual plant materials.


We stay true to nature, boasting a composition of 99.8% Cannabis sativa L., complimented with 0.2% Natural Terpene Flavourings, for that unique aromatic touch.

How to Enjoy the Canabidol Raw CBD Oil Journey

Simply use the provided pipette to place your desired dose of oil under your tongue. Let the oil linger in your mouth to maximize the absorption of CBD and increase bioavailability. Remember, swallowing the oil instantly can reduce the amount of CBD that makes its way into your bloodstream, so take a moment to savor the experience.

Join the Canabidol family and explore the authentic, raw power of hemp today!


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