• Hot and cold massage cream with CBD
  • Arnica, peppermint, camphor and honey.
  • The most potent CBD cream on the market
  • 75ml (2.53 fl OZ.)
  • Amount of CBD: 1225mg – (1.6%)
  • EU certified natural ingredients.
  • 98.3% natural ingredients and 100% animal cruelty free.
  • Produced in Spain.
  • Dermatologically tested.



Ever felt the need for a product that not only provides warmth but also relaxation after a strenuous day or exercise? Enter ALIVIUM CBD HEAT, a miraculous combination of herbal goodness.

What Sets Alivium Apart?

You might wonder, what makes ALIVIUM CBD HEAT different from the plethora of other CBD products on the market?

Unique Ingredients

It all starts with the heart of the product: its ingredients.

Honey and CBD synergy

Imagine the natural soothing properties of honey combined with the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yet, that’s exactly what Alivium offers. This combination ensures deep moisturization while also promoting relaxation.

The benefits of Copaiba and Capsicum

Copaiba and capsicum are more than just fancy names. They intensify the sensation of warmth, making ALIVIUM CBD HEAT perfect for those cold days or after intense physical exertion.


While we’ve touched upon a few, let’s delve deeper into the advantages.

Sensation of Warmth

Ever felt the gentle embrace of a warm blanket during winter? Alivium provides that sensation, targeting specific areas for maximum effect.

Immediate Impact & Moisturization

Why wait? Alivium ensures you feel its effects immediately. Plus, it’s not all about relaxation; your skin gets a healthy dose of moisturization too!

The Post-Exercise Experience

We all know that ache after a good workout. Alivium acts locally, making it perfect for post-exercise relaxation. Forget prolonged recovery times; now, it’s all about immediate relief!

Other Variants to Explore

Alivium CBD Cold

For those who prefer a cooling sensation post-exercise, Alivium CBD Cold is your go-to. Why not pair it with the heat variant for a holistic experience?

Alivium CBD Heat

Looking for something even stronger? Alivium CBD Heat is heralded as the most potent CBD cream on the market. Curious yet?

How to Best Utilize Alivium CBD Heat

Getting the best out of your product is key, right?

Applying for Maximum Effect

Use it before any physical exertion. Massage it onto the desired area in circular movements. For that extra kick, ensure your pores are open through exercise or friction. The warmth will envelop you soon after.

Enhancing with CBD oil

Combine with CBD oil to aid faster recovery. A perfect blend for your wellness routine!

Alivium’s Commitment to Sustainability

Trust and sustainability are at Alivium’s core.

Ingredient & Product Certifications

No toxins, no pesticides. Just pure, natural ingredients certified by ECOCERT and Euroleaf. But that’s not all. Their laboratory adheres to GMP and ISO 22716 standards, ensuring you only get the best.

Sustainable Packaging

Gone are the days of excessive plastic. Alivium’s recyclable glass, hemp fiber, and minimal plastic usage show their commitment to Mother Earth. Plus, with 55% FSCĀ® certified pure and ecological fiber, you know you’re making the right choice.

ALIVIUM CBD HEAT isn’t just another product. It’s a promise of relaxation, rejuvenation, and responsibility. So, are you ready to experience the Alivium magic?


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